Solution for Shippers

Our app offers real-time information on the movement of cargoes in and out of the port helping shippers plan their shipment schedules more efficiently.

We can offer a digitized supply chain with reliable, predictive, continuous visibility and business intelligence in order to plan ahead and manage unforeseen events and delays that incur unwanted costs.

Our Solution simplifies your work flow by providing real-time status alerts, predictive insights and performance analysis on all of your shipments and their carriers.

Using our tools, BCOs can optimise their inventory stock levels which will help with their forecast and product planning

Our real time tracking and monitoring can help shippers control and save on demurrage and detention costs and leverage contract negotiations with carriers

Our integrated system helps shippers to reduce 3rd party software costs, avoid mistakes and ensure continuous accessibility to data at all times

You get outstanding and dedicated support to make integration a breeze and answers to all your future questions

The real-time visibility that our system provides allows shippers to get the information required as and when they need it reducing dependence on other sources and also in achieving the best route planning possible for the movement of the goods

“Working with OI has been a game changer for us and they’re a great partner.”

Tim Crumley, VP Global Logistics, Sysco International Foods

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