Solution for Freight Forwarders

Your customers expect reliable, real-time and predictive data on their shipments. Find out how integrating Ocean Insights’ container tracking data into your systems can give you an edge on customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Our tools simplify your work flow by providing real-time status alerts, predictive insights and performance analysis for all of your shipments and their carriers

Your customers need reliable, predictive and continuous visibility. Use our system to improve your business intelligence which ensures customer satisfaction

Our integrated system allows you to plan ahead, control costs, avoid and manage unforeseen events and delays that could jeopardize you/your customer’s business

How Hellmann uses Ocean Insights to help a car maker. Precise ETA helps in just-in-time production.

“We have to check 70 vessels twice a day. If we trace vessels on carrier websites, it takes approximately 5 minutes per vessel. That’s 11.6 hours a day we’re saving with Ocean Insights. And time is money!”

Charles Li, Sales Director China, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Our 3 Tips for Freight Forwarders

Ocean Insights gives decision makers at Tiba a powerful and dynamic visibility tool.

“We have enjoyed a 40% increase in data quality. This means fewer incidents and, above all, antici­pa­ting complications that can arise from delays. Ocean Insights’ platform allows us to stop being reactive and start being proactive.”

Manuel Boggerio, Tiba Group

Always stay one step ahead

With our two strong tools for advanced ocean freight visibility data.


Container Track & Trace

Worldwide container visibility across multiple carriers with reliable, real-time vessel data, map positions and exception management.


Container Sailing Schedules

Have complete visibility of ship movements that will enable you to assist your clients make sensible operational and strategic supply chain management decisions. Stop searching and start finding.

Our guide to reduce costs

The clearance and delivery of sea freight shipments may be delayed due to various reasons. These delays result in containers sitting in the port or at the terminal or with the customer for a number of days depending on the type of delays. 

These delays easily translate into unexpected and additional costs.

Learn more about this topic and how to reduce costs