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Global container visibility across multiple carriers with real-time vessel data, map position and exception management.

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Effortless visibility on all your shipments

Ocean Insights’ innovative Container Track & Trace connects carrier information with actual vessel whereabouts, providing real-time information that enables you to take action before things go wrong in your logistics chain. Enjoy fully consolidated shipment overviews, actionable details plus performance statistics to increase your efficiency long-term.


Connect your teams to Ocean Insights Container Track & Trace to get a full overview on all shipments and easy access to all details when necessary.
With our Container Tracking web application, onboarding is easy, and you will benefit from day one.

Valuable data for informed decisions

Being able to compare performance over time, across carriers, is a huge asset and puts your decisions on solid grounds.
We augment and benchmark carrier information with neutral data from our own global vessel tracking service, increasing the significance and reliability of your statistics.

Efficency in operations

With visibility comes efficiency: Start acting on foreseeable delays instead of re-acting only. Reduce demurrage and detention charges. Avoid the follow-up cost of "lost shipments".

Exceptions and alerting

Automatic event notifications and alerts let you stay a step ahead. We notify status changes, delay warnings, POD approach, and many others.

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Shipment directory

The directory lists all current and past shipments and provides quick access to current status and all necessary details. Smart filter options, for example based on exceptions, ETA or destination, allow you to focus on shipments that need attention.

Event monitoring and alerting

Operators can subscribe to automatic alerting and notifications for containers of their choice. Among others, we notify on delays, discharge, rollovers or unusual waiting time.

Ship locations

Real-time ship tracking provides unbiased information where such is missing from the carrier’s side or delivered late. Vessel positions are tracked through satellites in real-time and visualized on a world map for easy assessment of progress.

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Container tracking platform

Ocean Insights’ Container Track & Trace platform is a ready-to-use web application that lets logistics teams gain advantage at the flick of a switch, from day one.

Analytics dashboards

Keep an eye on key performance indicators and identify trends that affect your business with our customized report services and live dashboards.

Software integration

Ocean Insights Container Track & Trace is ready for integration with your existing in-house IT or software through our powerful web service API.

Benefit from our data

You can only take smart decisions if you have sound data. We supply that data so you benefit, e.g. through improved supply chain visibility and greater transparency in your container logistics.

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