Container Sailing Schedules

Get full market transparency for operational and strategic supply chain management decisions.

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Stop searching, start finding

The volume of global shipment data is growing exponentially. There are over 5 million sailing schedule changes every day. So, how can you keep track of all these changes?

Ocean Insights Container Sailing Schedules enables you to get full market transparency for operational and strategic supply chain management decisions. We provide the world’s most accurate and complete data on all shipping lines and services.

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Benefit from our data

You can only take smart decisions if you have sound data. We supply that data so you benefit, e.g. through improved supply chain visibility and greater transparency in your container logistics.

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Stay up to date

on the most recent global service offerings: accessible via web app, API or for integration into your in-house TMS.

Save research time

thanks to normalized, global schedule data across all major carriers in one consolidated service.

Increase efficiency

and become independent by integrating data into your in-house TMS.

Save costs

by reducing manual research time and finding best options.

Quality you can rely on

through continual monitoring and dedicated data analysis.

Make informed decisions

for allocation management thanks to unparalleled market transparency.

Service voyage details

We provide you with all shipment details, such as departure and arrival dates, service names and codes as well as vessel and voyage numbers from all shipping lines to ensure a smooth operational handling for your cargo and supply chain management.

Transshipment information

Discover all connecting services and feeder transshipments that are available to get your cargo from A to B with detailed information for up to two transshipments, including transshipment port information.

Carrier & alliances

With our unique WebApp you can also filter and compare schedules by different carriers or even by alliances. Along with further sorting and filter settings you will always get the best and fastest sailing schedules.

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Container sailing schedules

Ocean Insights‘ port-to-port schedule service provides comprehensive insight and transparency on sailing schedules of all major shipping lines with a click of a mouse. Stop searching, start finding and increase your operational workflow and efficiency.

Vessel schedules

With our vessel schedule tool you‘ll get all information for a vessel at a glance. Whether you want to compare eta‘s and etd‘s for the same ship offered by different carriers or to gather more insight information and transparency about vessel share agreements.

Carrier service network

Always wanted to have more carrier options available for your tender management process? With our carrier service network you get access to all services, service agreements and alliance networks that will easily help you to make the best decisions.

Data Service

Ocean Insights’ sailing schedule data is also available via automated data feeds and a powerful Web API Service, which can be integrated into any transportation management system such as SAP TMS.

  • Enhance the cost-effectivness of your staff’s workflow
  • Reduce manual efforts, minimize input errors and increase efficiency
  • Increase your productivity while reducing operational costs
  • Improve the overall quality of your current sailing schedules