Challenges overcome: supply chain services provider chooses automated container and tracking tracing solution from Ocean Insights.

Most case studies are out-and-out success stories. This Shapiro story is different. Three weeks into a 60-day trial Shapiro mailed Ocean Insights describing its product as “completely ineffective”.

Yet just over two months later, the container tracking and tracing contract was signed and Ocean Insights went live. So what happened to convince Shapiro that Ocean Insights’ automated solution was right?

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Ocean Insights' Customer: FREIGHTOS

Based on various department assessments (and some very quick math), I’d say we are saving at least 80 staff hours per week. Some of that was at the Analyst/Specialist level while some was intern labor, but that’s still 2 whole bodies in any case. For me, I’d call it a win!

Angela Czajkowski, Director Supply Chain, Shapiro

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