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Container Track and Trace

Try to find a software that delivers more accurate shipment data, comprehensive carrier information, and vessel whereabouts. We’ll wait.

Container Sailing Schedules

Get a complete, always up-to-date visibility of ship move­ments. All in one place: blank sailings, service network explorer, vessel schedules, port-to-port schedules planning …

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White Papers

What’s the ROI of an Ocean Freight Tracking System?

As a shipper, forwarder, or beneficial cargo owner (BCO), you know you need reliable visibility of your shipments. With so many different data sources, having an Ocean Freight Tracking System (OFTS) is vital.

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How to effectively manage demurrage and detention costs through free time optimization

To many customers around the world, demurrage and detention represent some of the most expensive costs that they will incur in the process of a trade transaction. Do you know the benefits of an Ocean Freight Tracking System?

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How Research & Data Allow BCOs to Collaborate & Negotiate

Proficient supply chain management is full of complex processes in the pursuit of best practices in a supply chain professional’s strategy. The right strategies executed well enable proactive inventory management. …

Top Reasons Global Supply Chain Managers Fail to Reduce Ocean Freight Costs

Proactive management of ocean freight costs remains a cloudy goal for shippers. Without a careful eye on the factors in­fluen­cing freight rates, a supply chain manager will see a gradual, if not sudden, rise in ocean freight costs over the course of 2020. …

The Big Benefits of Ocean Freight Tracking & Predictive Visibility

Supply chain professionals have access to new resources to improve ocean freight visibility and overcome the challenges of global operations. Learn more about the significant benefits now.

Success Stories

Sysco Success Story

The real-time visibility that our system provides allows shippers to get the information required as and when they need it reducing dependence on other sources and also in achieving the best route planning possible for the movement of the goods.

hellmann Success Story

In today’s just-in-time manufacturing environment delays in shipped parts almost always lead to significant production issues. This Story shows how Hellmann uses Ocean Insights to help a car maker. Precise ETA helps in just-in-time production.

TIBA Success Story

Ocean Insights gives decision makers at Tiba a a powerful and dynamic visibility tool that measures information about delays, demurrage and detention cases as well as the performance of logistics service providers, and automatically generates reports on all this.

Timber Exchange Success Story

Timber Exchange integrated OI data into their platform to bring transparency to the timber procurement / supply chain. They also incorporate Blank Sailing data into their platform. This is their visibility journey.

Alstom Success Story

The work involved in tracking shipments has been reduced and simplified. The primary benefits in this story are easier to track shipments, time-saving and better demurrage and detention analysis.

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Pernod Ricard Success Story

A lack of precision on shipments and deadlines impacted the entire organization. Not any more. The primary benefits in this story are real-time traceability and better demurrage and detention analysis.

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IG International Success Story

Tracking shipments becomes an existential issue when perishable fruit is being shipped. Precise tracking data is crucial. The primary benefits in this story are a better informed choice of careers, better positioned for negotiation and time-saving

Shapiro Success Story

Challenges overcome: supply chain services provider chooses automated container and tracking tracing solution from Ocean Insights. Shapiro is a third generation family owned business founded in 1915 and now employing over 100 people.