Container Track and Trace

Try to find a software that delivers more accurate shipment data, comprehensive carrier information, and vessel whereabouts. We’ll wait.

Effortless Supply Chain Visibility Powered by Outstanding Data Quality

Customers experience a 40% increase in data quality. It translates to higher shipping reliability, fewer incidents, and supply chain disruptions that arose from unforeseen delays. Operation personnel no longer need to spend their time tracking containers but can focus on delivering value-add tasks.

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Most accurate tracking & tracing data on the market saved one of our clients 11.6 hours a day for a rapid ROI

A leading global retailer with warehousing, manufacturing, and outlets across the world, as well as an e-commerce operation has identified five key areas it wanted to improve:

Free time optimization to reduce demurrage and detention charges

Carrier rate negotiation

Inventory management

Supply chain and shipping network optimization

The use of employee time to focus efforts on more value-added activities

What’s the ROI of an Ocean Freight Container Tracking System?

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“The savings adds up to a very fast ROI that paid off the cost of the software in less than a month.”

Sales Director, Leading Global Logistics Service Company

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Container Tracking as you always wanted it to be

Ocean Insights Container Track & Trace platform is the first to merge container liner schedules and carriers’ container tracking information with neutral AIS vessel tracking data, taking ocean logistics planning to a whole other level.

Exception Management

Quick, easy to access shipment information that matters. Smart filter options allow you to quickly and easily identify shipments that require attention so you can react fast.

Event Alerts

Our intelligent algorithms allow for highly precise and data-driven monitoring of container movements and exceptions. Receive to auto alerts and notifications such as delays, discharge, rollovers or lengthy wait times.

Ship Locations

Real-time sea vessel tracking provides unbiased information – where such data is usually not available from a carrier or delivered late. Vessel positions are tracked through satellites in real time and visualized on a world map for easy assessment of progress. Real-time container visibility is vital to reliably track and trace your ocean shipments.

Dashboards for Performance and Analytics

Our live dashboards and customized report services give you the information you need to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and identify trends and locate opportunities for improvement.

Volume Analytics

The volume analytics module answers all of your questions all the time at any time.

Demurrage and Detention

Where do we have containers stuck at POD terminals accumulating costly fees? At which destinations do we have containers that need to return to the Container Yard? What is the average turnaround time we should expect in Long Beach?

On-Time Performance

How reliable are the ETA’s at POD? Have we seen improvement over the last few months? Where do we see risk, delays, and what can we do about them?

Powerful API and Seamless Software Integration

Our hassle-free Container Track & Trace tool is ready for integration with your existing in-house IT or software via our powerful web service API.

Standardized Multi-Carrier Data

We take varied data formats and representations from over 45 shipping lines. Standardized, consolidated status information, completed milestone notifications, and scheduled events.

Push Notifications

The push notification feature minimizes your transactional overhead and reduces operational costs. It will deliver critical information in full and on time even if your container volume has significantly increased. 

Smart decisions require sound data.

Sound, trustful data improves supply chain visibility, affords you greater transparency, empowers fact-based decision making all at a lower operational cost.