Container Sailing Schedules

Get a complete and always up-to-date visibility of ship movements. All in one place: blank sailings, service network explorer, vessel schedules, and port-to-port schedules planning.

Stop searching, start finding

The global shipping industry is dynamic in nature with an estimated five million sailing-schedule changes occurring every single day. This makes it problematic to track all the changes, find optimum shipping routes, and accurate port-to-port transit times.

We have the most accurate and comprehensive data on all global shipping lines and services. Our Container Sailing Schedules Tool processes this data to deliver concise, real-time, and exact results in seconds. Thus enabling you to choose from them and make informed decisions that enhance your overall supply chain performance.

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A One-Stop Solution for All Your Container Shipping Woes

Increase the cost efficiency of your workforce

Digitalize and remove input errors

Enhance productivity & reduce operational costs

Improve the overall quality of your sailing schedules

“Using this tool is changing the way we do contracts. We are more flexible in using not only multiple ports but also more carriers. We’re finding routings carriers don’t offer us. And this allows us to get round the increasingly challenging infrastructure we have right now.”

Tim Crumley, VP Global Logistics, Sysco International Foods

Data that powers analytical decision making

Now avail our extensive database of sailing schedules through an automated data feed or integrate our web-based APIs into any TMS. Eliminate the tedious manual task of gathering data and streamline your processes.

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Container Sailing Schedules

Our port-to-port schedule service provides comprehensive insights and transparency on the sailing schedules of all major shipping lines at the click of a mouse. Stop searching, start finding, and improve your operational workflow and efficiency.

Service Voyage Details

We provide you with all shipment details, e.g. departure and arrival dates, service names and codes, as well as vessel and voyage numbers from all shipping lines. That ensures smooth operational handling for your cargo and supply chain management.

Transshipment Information

Discover all connecting services and feeder transshipments that are available to get your cargo from A to B with detailed information for up to two transshipments, including transshipment port information.

Carriers & Alliances

With our unique web app you can filter and compare the schedules of different carriers and even alliances. And with our additional sorting and filter settings you will always get the best and fastest sailing schedules.


Our guide to reduce costs

The clearance and delivery of sea freight shipments may be delayed due to various reasons. These delays result in containers sitting in the port or at the terminal or with the customer for a number of days depending on the type of delays. 

These delays easily translate into unexpected and additional costs.

Learn more about this topic and how to reduce costs

Vessel Schedules

Our vessel schedule tool gives you all the information for a specific vessel at a glance. That way, you can compare the ETAs and ETDs of different carriers for the same ship, or gather more insight information and transparency about vessel share agreements. Nothing could be easier and more advantageous.


Vessel Schedule Information

Find vessel schedules from more than active container ships and compare the different departure and arrival dates from all shiping lines that offer space on this ship. In addition you can see at a glance if a carrier covers all ports en route or not.

Vessel Master Data

Get more detailed information about the ship with our vast data base of vessel master data including information about the TEU capacity, available reefer plugs and the dimensions of the ship.

Slot Partner Agreements

Gain more insights and transparency about all involved slot partners that share space on a ship which gives you a powerful tool not only to better understand the global shipping network, but also to better negotiate rate agreements with the participants.

Carrier Service Network

Always wanted to have more carrier options for your tender management process? With our carrier service network you get access to all services, service agreements and alliance networks. That simply helps you to make the best possible decisions.

Service Information

With our carrier service network you will always be up-to-date about the complex context between carriers and service networks. Our data team automatically detect service and port rotation changes for all static marketing schedules providing you with a powerful tool to compare transit times from different carriers on the same service.

Service Master Data

Find out more details about the choosen service. Wether it is the sailing frequency, the name of the alliance, or just the total amount of the employed service TEU – with this information you will always stay ahead of the market.

Service Partners

Easily compare the port rotation and transit time table for all services and service partners and take advantage of this information to achieve better conditions. No hidden carriers anymore, we detect them all and ensure market transparency.


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You can only take smart decisions if you have sound data. We supply reliable data so you benefit, e.g. through improved supply chain visibility and greater transparency in your container logistics.