Port Shutdown in India may lead to Shipment Delays of Emergency Items

Indians are expected to witness port shutdowns due to the surge in covid cases in the country, which includes significant Chinese shipments. The logistics companies from China are worried about the suspension of cargo shipments as it may lead to excessive delays in the emergency cargo supply of medical equipment.   

The port of Chennai has already reduced its shipping operations. The port has cut down its staff requirement and facilities till May 16. They have also reduced the working hours from 11 am to 6 pm and advised the staff to work on a remote basis until the situation is in control.  

The Chennai port is one of the top four ports that carry cargo from India to China, paced New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. The port in Chennai is significant for business operations in India from China.  Along with Chennai port, Kandala port, nearest to India’s capital city and one of the largest ports in terms of Indian cargo throughput, has also suspended its operations from April 24, and it is yet to announce its reopening. As of now, the Vishakapatnam port has also adjourned its operations till May 19.   

Since the ports are crowded, medical supplies and telecom devices and clothing is on standby with the shipments and deliveries. It’s said that the local logistics systems are paralyzed due to the pandemic. The crowded ports have reduced loads and have increased the cargo rates for Indian shipments.