Peab Authorized to Build New Container Port in Sweden

Forest product company from Sweden, SCA Logistics, has authorized Peab, the infrastructure company, to build a new container port alongside Tunadal Port in Sundsvall, Sweden. The brand-new box port, which tends to assist the growing demand for paper pulp and sawn wood products, will now have a capacity to hold 100,000 TEU.  

As per the contract, which is worth US$29.3 million, the company will also build a new dock that will generate enormous groundwork and preparatory work to enhance the advancements of the terminal. 

Along with this, the harbor basin will be excavated so that that deeper ships can enter the ports and the shipping lanes. This project will also work on extensive electrical, water, and water waste work.   

The construction work is scheduled to begin after the summer and is expected to finish by the fall of 2023. The project will be recorded during the second half of 2021. 

The new port will be adjoined to the new Sundsvall Logistics Park in Tunadal Port, which is considered the transportation hub where all forms of transportation come together to make sustainable transportation towards the Sundsvall.  

The regional manager at Peab, Jorgen Eriksson, says that the company is looking forward to further developing other parts of the Sundsvall Logistics Park by building container ports with SCA.