Operations back in Action at Montreal Port; Dockworkers Head Back to Work

Functioning gradually begins on a normal Saturday at the Montreal Port after the Canadian federal government rushes amidst the legislation on Friday and forces nearly 1,150 dockers at strike to head back and begin working. Not following the agreement by the dockers or the employees at the port will lead them to pay fines of nearly C$100,000 per day.  

The bill will also deliver appointment of an arbitrator who will have the charge to obtrude a new collective binding agreement within 90 days.  

Talking about the same, the Montreal Port Authority President and CEO, Martin Imbleu quoted,  

“This new turning point lets the Port of Montreal regain stability and the capability to fulfill its strategic role as a public service without long-term interruptions. This role is especially important while we are still in the middle of a pandemic.” 

The special legislation marks a triumph over the labor and their rights-to-strike concession. The liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau further quoted that the decision had to be taken and they had no choice looking at the current scenarios where the industry is striving hard to recover from global economic crisis.  

It was last year during the summer when Port of Montreal already had strikes which led to massive diversion of nearly over a dozen container vessels to Halifax, Saint John and New York/New Jersey.  The Montreal Port has experienced a heavy congestion over the week since the dockworkers initiated the strike.  

The Montreal Port Authority, (MPA) stated that there were nearly 20,000 containers currently resting idle on the port along with 10 vessels waiting at different sectors of St. Lawrence River.  As per reports it will still take longer for operations and flow of goods to be smooth as before. Clients waiting for their shipment should expect delays in deliveries for the coming week.