North Carolina Port Sanctions Research to Improve Bigger Vessel Access to Wilmington

The North Carolina State Port Authority that tends to manage the operations at the Wilmington Port decided to move ahead with a program that strengthens the access to the port by intensifying the navigation channel. This project was put forth a couple of years ago and later included in the 2020 Water Resources and Development Act. 

Further, the authorities at the port will sign a letter of intent to stipulate the sponsorship for the extensive research period for the project. To keep the velocity in demand and bring new opportunities, the Wilmington port aims to escalate its navigation channel and allow deep vessels to navigate towards the port systematically. 

Preferably as per the plan, Wilmington Navigational harbor will deepen from its present 42-feet to 47-feet which will further allow it to load larger vessels and containers. In the next phase of the project, the Army Corps will make a detailed study under the 1970 National and Environment Policy Act (NEPA). This will help the team to have a detailed review of the impact it has on the environment and analyze if there are any suitable alternatives that don’t harm the environment. 

The North Carolina Port has estimated to complete the project in nearly $800 million. As of now, the primary goal is to complete the scrutiny by next year, but taking the requirements into account it will still take a few years for the construction to begin.