New York and New Jersey Ports Emphasize Container Capacity with Increasing Imports

The marine terminals in the New York and New Jersey ports aim to enhance the container handling capacity and deduct the time haulers spend on their provisions as the ongoing surge to import into the US that began last summer.    

In a webinar sponsored by PANYNJ, the executives who were a part of the webinar emphasized plans to initiate the project that comprises establishing ship-to-shore cranes and yard equipment and finding ways for consigners to retrieve containers quickly.   

During a 12-month period that ends in March 2021, imports on New York and New Jersey ports have reached 4.12 million TEU, which makes a 9.2 percent increase. The executives have outlined the plan as shippers will find a way to shift containers through New York and New Jersey.   

The project is planned to minimize vessel congestion on the port due to a lack of space in the warehouses. These increases import traffic and is also not economically feasible, leading to high trucking and demurrage, and detention costs.   

Talking about the situation, Ivo Oliveira, Vice President of Industry Relations at Maher Terminals, stated that it has been challenging initially to manage the surge. Still, lately, they have leveled off, and it was handled quite fluidly.