Nansha Port; An Alternative for Congested Yantian Port

Based in China’s Guangdong province, Yantian Port is now fabled to maintain shipping operations due to container congestion. While the Yantian port struggles with spacing, the Nansha International container terminal has reportedly established itself as an alternative for the Yantian Port.   

Several shipping lines have canceled calls with Yantian port due to experiencing a high waiting period for the vessels to dock. Therefore, looking at the possible opportunities, the Guangzhou Port Company has taken advantage of the situation at the Nansha Port to curb the risks experienced during the pandemic and has now considered Nansha as an alternative port for Yantian Port.   

Talking about the situation, a spokesperson from Maersk quoted,   

“Our partners and we have omitted 64 planned calls for Shekou and Yantian due to the huge waiting period. The company official stated that some ships had faced waiting 16 days before docking at the terminal in Yantian Port. As per the report of container leasing and online trading platform CAx index, the availability index of 40Ft containers at Yantian and Shekou has fallen to 0.47, which is below the threshold of 0.5.”  

This states that the container availability of these ports is not going to improve anytime soon. Ever since the pandemic, the supply chain has been facing massive disruption, which has pushed Yantian Port to its limit making Nansha Port a substantial alternative. When ships sail from East Asia to Europe through the Nansha, it will make a convenient transit option for Northwest Africa, contributing to boosting business for Chinese firms.