Long Beach Port to Increase Incentives for Carriers to Make use of Greener Ships.

While California prepares to implement strict rules for environmental regulation for ships in Port and focuses on the Port in improving air quality, the Port of Long Beach is making consistent efforts to give rewards for the carriers to deploy cleaner ships Port. The idea is to expand on an existing port program; the ocean carriers will earn financial incentives if they bring greener ships to the Port.   

The Harbor Commission President, Frank Colonna, quoted,   

“Our goal is to increase participation in the already successful Green Ship Program by aligning it with international sustainable maritime transportation efforts. These incentives are the largest offered to vessels and Tier III ships of any seaport, and we expect the update will have positive impacts in Long Beach and around the globe.”  

The Green Ship Incentive program began in 2012, which improved the air quality as it encouraged shipping lines to send cleaner vessels to the Port of Long Beach. It was reported that in the year 2020, carriers received nearly $1.7 million incentives with this program.   

Executive Director at Port of Long Beach, Mario Cordero, quoted,   

“This change and offer of financial rewards give operators even more reasons to be socially responsible and make investments in cleaner fuels, ship modifications, or onboard technologies that improve air quality beyond required standards.”  

The updated program will be commenced on July 1, 2021, which will comprise levels that will range from $600 to $6000, depending on the vessel’s ESI score.