Copenhagen Malmö Port and By & Havn to Develop a New Container Terminal in Ydre Nordhavn

Copenhagen Malmo Port (CMP) and By and Havn have recently agreed to establish a new container terminal in Ydre Nordhavn, Denmark, by 2023. By and Havn will be handling the construction operation for the new terminal, which will be worth 800M. The existing container terminal at Levantkaj in Copenhagen Nordhavn continues with its operation and will be further moved to the Ydre Nordhavn with the expansion.

Talking about the relocation, Anne Skovbro, CEO, By & Havn, quoted,
“With the relocation of the container terminal from Levantkaj to Ydre Nordhavn, we are really addressing the next stages of the sustainable development of Nordhavn, where in the future Levantkaj will be developed as a new residential area for existing and future generations of Copenhageners.”

With the new location at the edge of Ydre Nordhavn, the new container terminals will be established in a new urban district with a developed infrastructure. As per reports, the construction work for the Nordhavn Tunnel is underway at Svanemolle Bay which is expected to finish by the year 2027.

Talking about it further, Barbara Scheel Agersnap, CEO of Copenhagen Malmo Port, quoted,

“More traffic on the blue highways is a cornerstone of the transition to a greener transport sector, and therefore the new full-service container terminal in Copenhagen will benefit the climate – including consolidating the future supply of goods to Greater Copenhagen and the whole of eastern Denmark.”

The relocation of the existing container terminal further enables urban development for the Levantkaj and making it a developed sustainable area in Nordhavn.