Imetame Group to Install a Multipurpose Port in Espirito Santo

The Government of Brazil has now approved Imetame Group’s idea to build and begin with the installation and operation of a Private Use Terminal (TUP) in Espirito Santo under the municipal provision of Aracruz.   

The government quoted,    

“Appraised at more than R$ 206 million, it has a total area of 1,032,639.20 m²in public waters, which will be destined for a retro area, wharf and mooring berths, piers, breakwater, and evolution basin.”  

Imetame Logistica Porto’s development will be handling containers and general cargo, and vehicles and offering support offshore. The greenfield port

will have an initial level to handle 300,000 TEUs per year; this can expand and manage more than 1m TEUs.   

The port will be 17m deep and will handle the upcoming generation of container ships and allow the container ships to enter and leave it fully loaded. The Secretariat decided to maintain the Coordination and Governance of Union Heritage (SPU) of the Ministry of Economic, providing support to the country’s economic and sustainable development ambitions.   

For the upcoming project, Imetame Logistica will be paying R$ 4.1m annually to the Union for utilizing the space.