Argentina Port Workers on Strike; Activities on Halt

Activities on the ports of Argentina Port have been at a standstill since dockworkers are on strike for 24hours. Unlike other strikes whose primary focus is on wages and better working conditions, the workers are on strike as they are demanding to get their COVID-19 vaccines.

As per reports, all shipping activities have been suspended, and it’s noted that before the strike began, nearly seven ships were loaded, and we’re all set to depart with 13 vessels from the Argentina Port. Due to the strike, 13 boats have been forced to stop the shipment since the strike spreads through various other sectors of the port unions. The workers intend to extend the strike, followed by another 24hour strike that commences on May 26th.

The Urgara union stated,
“We are concerned about the lack of responses from state authorities regarding the need to vaccinate workers in our sector who have worked throughout the pandemic. Our priority is to protect the health of workers and their families, and we will make it known because we are essential.”

Sources suggested that Argentina’s Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security and the Ministry of Health are scrutinizing the issue. Reportedly, they have ideated to form a working group that will expedite the vaccine, considering the complex cases.

Statistics from the World Health Organization reported that Argentina has nearly 40,000 new COVID cases registered. The current labor action came at a critical time when Argentina’s agricultural industry has been at its peak of exporting for its annual soybean and corn export worth $20 billion.