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Ports brace for the post-Suez onslaught as ships begin arriving at ports

Supply chain headaches caused by the Suez canal blockage aren’t over yet with 1.9M TEU of capacity sailing towards already overburdened ports



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  • Shipper ire rises with D&D costs
    D&D as Federal Maritime Commissioner (FMC) Carl Bentzel refers to the static charges for cargo stored at ports, remains a contentious issue in the US as charges rack up and delays and congestion at ports remain a significant difficulty for shippers.
  • The Suez blockage and its implications on trade and visibility
    Much like COVID-19, the Suez Canal crisis was an incident cut from the same cloth in paralyzing maritime operations—albeit in different means. While the pandemic shrunk port operations due to the necessity of social distancing, the Ever Given sealed shut the maritime bottleneck between Asia and Europe. Running aground and staying there for six days, the Ever Given stopped over 400 vessels from reaching their destination ports across the two continents.
  • FMC Requests WSC to Mitigate Contract Guidelines for Carriers
    The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) assents to request the World Shipping Council (WSC) to alleviate the laws when freight lines need to file initial service agreements with officials of the United States.

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