UAFL: Zanzibar gets direct call on the Middle East Express (MEX)

In an effort to continue to meet the demands of the market and the requirements of clients, United Africa Feeder Line [UAFL] has announced that they are recommencing their direct service – Middle East Express (MEX) – into Zanzibar. In so doing they will be by-passing the delays and problems associated with the transshipment in East Africa – which is the current service setup. 

Effective 27 January 2019, UAFL will run 3 vessels out of Karachi and Jebel Ali into Zanzibar with the following port rotation: 
Karachi – Jebel Ali – Port Victoria – Mombasa – Zanzibar – Comoros – Karachi

Zanzibar - MEX

All cargo originating ex India, Asia, Europe and other Gulf regions, will continue to be routed via Jebel Ali but with an improved transit time compared to today.

Source: UAFL

Image (Map) Source: Ocean Insights