Wan Hai Lines to launch CKI Service

Wan Hai Lines has announced the launch of Korea-China-Indonesia-Vietnam (CKI) service scheduled to start on October 31st, 2019. This new service will help to expand Wan Hai Lines network by providing a new direct service between South Korea, East China and South East Asia region.

CKI service will be jointly operated with KOREA MARINE TRANSPORT CO., LTD. (KMTC) by using 4 vessels in 2,500 TEU nominal size. Wan Hai Lines will deploy 1 vessel and KMTC will deploy 3 vessels.

CKI’s maiden voyage for Wan Hai Lines will commence from Pusan port on October 31st, 2019.

Port Rotation: Pusan – Kwangyang – Shanghai – Ningbo – Jakarta – Surabaya – Ho Chi Minh (Cat Lai) – Shanghai – Pusan.

CKI Port Rotation

Source: Wan Hai