Yang Ming: Upgrades to Southeast Asia (SEA) Service

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. (YM) will deploy two bigger container ships of 2,800 TEUs in its Southeast Asia Service (SEA) effective from 20th April 2018 to provide customers with better service.

SEA port rotation: Port Kelang – Singapore – Jakarta – Surabaya – Panjang – Jakarta – Port Kelang.

It will have a round voyage of 14 days.

In addition to SEA service, YM also provides CTI (China-To-Indonesia) and THI (Taiwan-Hong Kong-Indonesia) services covering China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Shekou to Jakarta, Surabaya and Semarang.

With said services, YM will not only strengthen Indonesia service network but also provide customers with more convenient and excellent delivery service.

Further information about the service network is available at Yang Ming website (www.yangming.com).


Source: Yang Ming

Image Source: Ocean Insights