PIL: Upgrades to the Pakistan-Mundra Express Service – PMX

PIL has announced the upgrading of it’s existing Pakistan-Mundra Express Service – PMX, which will come into effect from November 2018.

This revamp provides an enhanced direct service between Central/South China and Pakistan/Mundra, while calling two Karachi terminals(PICT/KICT).

Pakistan-Mundra Express

Port Rotation: Shanghai – Ningbo – Fuzhou – Shekou – Singapore – Port Kelang – Colombo – Karachi (KICT) – Karachi (PICT) – Mundra – Port Kelang – Singapore – Shanghai

Maiden Voyage: SHA, 13th Nov 2018

Advantages of the PMX Service:

  • Direct Gulf service from Fuzhou/Shekou to Karachi (PICT)
  • Faster transit time from Fuzhou to Karachi (KICT)
  • Acceptance of cargoes from Shanghai/Ningbo to Karachi (KICT)

Source: PIL

Image (Map) Source: Ocean Insights