Maersk Line Schedule TA6 Reliability Enhancement

To offer you the best possible service, Maersk Line announced on 26th October that they are adding a Vessel to their fleet in the TA6 service.

This is done with the aim to meet customer expectations, considering winter weather conditions often impact the shipping lines’ schedule reliability, causing structural delays in their Med/US Gulf service (TA6).

While the last details around terminals and cut-offs are still being worked out, the expected implementation, planned between November 12th and 18th, will generate the following:

  • Fleet: 8 Vessels (previously 7)
  • Service rotation: Gioia Tauro → Naples → La Spezia → Barcelona → Valencia → Algeciras → Sines → Freeport → Miami* → Vera Cruz → Altamira → Houston → New Orleans → Miami → Freeport → Sines → Algeciras → Barcelona

*Aim is to have a Miami call to replace current Port Everglades (to be confirmed)    

For any questions, please feel free to reach out to local Maersk representatives via

Source: Maersk