Borchard Remodels Its North Europe Service

January 18, 2014

The British shipping line BORCHARD that offers 5 services to connect North Europe and the Mediterranean closes its own NORTH EUROPE service and will begin to slot on MAERSK’s EUROMED service and SEAGO’s AEGEAN SEA service. Additionally, BORCHARD calls in Salerno, Italy, on its BOSPHORUS service to be better connected to EUROMED. The full rotation of the BOSPHORUS service including Salerno is not yet confirmed.

On the NORTH EUROPE service BORCHARD deployed 4 vessels on a weekly basis with an average capacity of 868 TEU. Last week, SARA BORCHARD, the last vessel to sail the service started in London.

NORTH EUROPE: London – Gateway – Rotterdam – Antwerp – Limassol – Ashdod – Haifa – Alexandria – Izmir – Salerno – London – Gateway

EUROMED: Felixstowe – Rotterdam – Bremerhaven – Antwerp – Marsaxlokk – Haifa – Limassol – Alexandria – Ashdod – Salerno – Felixstowe

AEGEAN SEA: Felixstowe – Bremerhaven – Antwerp – Valencia – Piraeus – Izmit – Ambarli – Gemlik – Izmir – Valencia – Felixstowe

Sara Borchard