Sealand Announces Update to Peru Feeder Service

Sealand has announced it’s making the following adjustments to the Peru Feeder service.

  • The Peru feeder will no longer cover Esmeraldas (Ecuador). Last calls will be on Friday, May 1st and May 29th. They will continue to serve Ecuador exports via their service portfolio from Guayaquil and Puerto Bolivar.
  • The service will omit Callao (Peru) and Pisco (Peru) calls. The last call before the omissions start will be:
    • Pisco on Tuesday, April 21st
    • Callao on Wednesday, April 22nd. To continue servicing Callao, their CLX service will call Callao in its Northbound voyage.
    • The first CLX sailing will be on vessel Polar Brazil on April 26th.
    • Pisco exports will be offered via Callao as new port of load.

You may contact their Customer Service agents for further questions via email at or your local Sealand office or via LiveChat.

Source: Sealand