OOCL announces new China Straits Services (CSS1 & CSS2)

OOCL will be strengthening their China to South-East Asia service network by introducing two new products, namely the China Straits Service 1 (CSS1) and China Straits Service 2 (CSS2), both to be launched in September, 2020.

The CSS1 and CSS2 services will enhance their market coverage between China, Singapore, and Malaysia, providing customers with competitive and reliable shipment options. CSS1 and CSS2 will directly connect multiple ports in China to Singapore, Port Kelang, Penang and Pasir Gudang to cater for the changing demand in the market.

CSS1 port rotation: Dalian – Xingang – Qingdao – Ningbo – Singapore – Port Kelang (West Port) – Nansha – Dalian

CSS1 Port Rotation

The first sailing of CSS1 will start from Dalian on September 15, 2020.

CSS2 port rotation: Shanghai – Xiamen – Shekou – Nansha – Singapore – Port Kelang (West Port) – Penang – Pasir Gudang – Singapore – Hong Kong – Shanghai

The first sailing of CSS2 will start from Shanghai on September 18, 2020.

For further information, please kindly contact their local representatives or find out the latest Sailing Schedule under e-Services on the OOCL website.

Source: OOCL