OOCL: Enhancements to China-Ho Chi Minh-Laem Chabang Service Network (CHL & CHL4)

OOCL has introduced the new China–Ho Chi Minh Service (CHL) and China–Laem Chabang Service (CHL4) effective from October 12 and October 14 respectively with both first sailings starting in Dalian, China.
By replacing the current CHL service and splitting it into two new ones, transit times for Ho Chi Minh exports and Laem Chabang imports on the respective routes will be shortened. The new service arrangement will also enhance the linkage between Inchon and China with better frequency and newly added Xiamen gateway.
The new CHL and CHL4 port rotations will be as follows:
China-Ho Chi Minh Service (CHL): Dalian – Xingang – Qingdao – Hong Kong – Shekou – Ho Chi Minh – Hong Kong – Shekou – Inchon – Dalian
China-Laem Chabang Service (CHL4): Dalian – Xingang – Qingdao – Hong Kong – Shekou – Laem Chabang – Hong Kong – Xiamen – Inchon – Dalian
For further information, please kindly contact OOCL’s local representatives.
Source: OOCL
Image (Map) Source: Ocean Insights