MSC adds new Liberty Service to its Transpacific USEC Network

As per a recent announcement, MSC will update its Transpacific U.S. East Coast network with the aim to better manage the current issues of congestion across the supply chain. By reshuffling their network, MSC aims to ensure faster rotations and enable their customers to better plan their supply chains.  

They will be introducing a new service, Liberty, calling Vung Tau and Yantian with direct connections to Charleston, Savannah and New York. The first sailing is scheduled from Vietnam on 22 May 2021.

Liberty Port RotationVung Tau – Yantian – Charleston – Savannah – New York – Singapore

Liberty Service Port Rotation
Transit Time (days)CharlestonSavannahNew York
Vung Tau323438

MSC has informed that they will also amend the rotations of their existing America and Emerald services.

The rotation of the Amberjack, Elephant, Lone Star and Pelican services remain unchanged.

The updated rotations are detailed below:

America service: Hong Kong – Nansha – Yantian – Vung Tau – Singapore – New York – Savannah – Miami – Freeport – Tanjung Pelepas

Emerald service: Xiamen – Yantian – Shanghai – Busan – Cristobal – Savannah – Norfolk – New York – Singapore

First Effective Sailings:

ServiceVesselVoyagePort ChangesFirst Port of LoadingFirst Sailing Date
LibertyE. R. Kobe120EN.A.Vung Tau22-May-2021
AmericaMaersk Tukang118WOmit:
King Abdullah & Charleston
Hong Kong21-May-2021

Source: MSC