CMA CGM: EPIC1 service reshuffled, London Gateway replaces Felixstowe, Dunkirk call suspended

In order to keep on providing the best possible service, CMA CGM and its partners have decided to reshuffle the EPIC 1 service.

As from week 32, MSC Athos 0EG19W1MA will call London Gateway (the 10th of September) instead of Felixstowe.

The MSC Maria Elena will be the last vessel calling Dunkirk (the 13th of September). As from CSAV Tyndall, Dunkirk will no longer be called on EPIC 1.

Dunkirk could be offered:

– On West bound via Southampton on FAL1.

– On East bound via Le Havre on EURAF1.

For further information please contact CMA CGM.

Source: CMA CGM



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