Eagle GET. Guaranteed – now enhanced with APL’s dedicated chassis pool!

APL has the answer to your concerns about congestion and chassis supply at the Port of Los Angeles through Eagle GET. Guaranteed!

It is APL’s time-differentiated service that is now enhanced with guaranteed chassis from APL’s very own dedicated pool, as well as express access for swift cargo pick-up.

Your container will be available on wheels within 2 hours of cargo discharge at FMS terminal at the Port of Los Angeles.

Upon instant confirmation on truck appointments, beat the queue when you pick up your cargo via FMS terminal’s express bobtail gate!

Now expanded to all origins in Asia, this service suite is specially reserved for dry 40’ containers on APL’s Eagle Express (EX1), South China 1 (SC1) and Pendulum Loop 1 (PE1) services.

Eagle GET. Guaranteed
(Image Source: APL)

Eagle GET. Guaranteed is among APL’s Eagle Guaranteed suite of services on the Trans-Pacific that promises predictability and reliability, backed by a money-back guarantee.

Source: APL

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