CNC announces the launch of new IA88 service and updates to IA2

CNC has announced the launch of a new IA88 service along with the revamp of its existing IA2 service. The IA88 service will be a weekly direct service that will connect the ports of Japan to Vietnam. It is primed to facilitate Ho Chi Minh-bound shipments from Osaka, Kobe, Yokohama and Nagoya. IA88 will also be considered as an alternative shipping choice with a fast transit time for customers with cargoes from Xiamen, China to Japan.

The revamped IA2 guarantees an express delivery from Laem Chabang to the Japanese ports in the Kanto region, further expediting Thai exports. IA2 shipments that are bound for faraway markets too can be relayed through the trans-shipment hub of Hong Kong, tapping on the extensive intra-regional network of CNC and a comprehensive global network of the CMA CGM Group.

IA88 will commence its maiden voyage on 27 February from Osaka.

Port rotation: Xiamen – Osaka – Kobe – Yokohama – Nagoya – Ho Chi Minh

IA2 will embark on its new route on 16 February from Laem Chabang.

Port rotation: Laem Chabang – Hong Kong – Tokyo – Yokohama – Nagoya – Kobe

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Source: CNC