CMA CGM’s SAFRAN Service to Stop Calling Itapoa and Algeciras starting July

CMA CGM has announced that the SAFRAN service connecting North Europe with East Coast South America will structurally stop calling in Itapoa & Algeciras SB with effect from m/v “CAP SAN AUGUSTIN”, ETS Rotterdam on July 1st, 2021. Moreover, during a period of 8 weeks commencing from the same vessel, SAFRAN service will drop the Le Havre call as well.

These measures are being put in place to ensure service reliability that has been severely strained by the current operational constraints in North European & East Coast South American ports.

Updated Port Rotation: Rotterdam – London – Hamburg – Antwerp – (Le Havre) – Santos – Paranagua – Buenos Aires – Montevideo – Paranagua – Santos – Tanger – Rotterdam


CMA CGM will assure the service as below:

  • North Europe Exports to Itapoa: via Algeciras with EPIC to Sirius service
  • Itapoa to North Europe: via Tanger on Sirius
  • Le Havre to Brazilian ports: via Algeciras to Sirius service
  • Le Havre to Plata ports: via Antwerp
  • Le Havre imports via Antwerp