CMA CGM Reshuffles its Intra-Levant Service EMED Express 2

CMA CGM has announced the reshuffling of their standalone EMED EXPRESS 2 – Intra Levant service set up, that connects Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and South Turkey.

The service will have a single vessel having a nominal capacity of 875 TEU with a 10-day rotation.

First calls: Beirut, May 14th | Tripoli, May 16th | Lattakia, May 17th | Port Said East, May 19th | Damietta, May 20th | Iskenderun, May 22nd | Mersin, May 23rd.

Ocean transit time references:

  • Damietta to Iskenderun in 1 day
  • Mersin in 2 days
  • Beirut to Lattakia in 1.5 day
  • Damietta to Beirut in 3.5 days

EMED EXPRESS 2 will now also cover the ports of Iskenderun, Mersin and Damietta.
The change is scheduled to go live in week 19, 2021 with ETA 14/05 at Beirut.

Port Rotation: Beirut – Tripoli – Lattakia – Port Said East – Damietta – Iskenderun – Mersin

EMED Express 2 Port rotation

Source: CMA CGM