April Group Joins hands with SeaLand Asia; Initiates Direct Services to China

The globally acclaimed leader in pulp and paper manufacturing, APRIL Group has been a consistent customer of SeaLand since 2016, a combined endeavor with DHL Singapore.  The APRIL group of companies ships pulp from Indonesia and China. They initially preferred the route from their private terminal in Futong to Singapore to Port Klang and then transshipped to China. There have been setbacks and challenges faced during the transshipment regarding stability schedule and limited capacity for the barge service they were using.   

Ristona Widoretno, Sealand Indonesia’s Reliance Sales Manager and Project Lead in the Futong Project, further added, “If the barge’s limited capacity cannot assist any of their shipments, the cargo will need to wait for seven more days to begin with, the next rotation.” 

To overcome these challenges, Sealand Asia has a solution – a direct ocean service from APRIL Group’s terminal in Futong China. This project for providing direct services overcomes the challenges related to transshipment and schedule reliability on the previous route. It offers enhanced and efficient ocean service, which makes it cost-effective.  

Lawrence Chua, Portfolio Head (Global Freight Forwarders) of Sealand Asia, quotes,  

“The Futong project is a showcase of our commitment to customer-centricity. We worked closely with the customer and various internal stakeholders to develop this customized solution, making sure that it addresses their pain points, reduces complexity and uncertainty while delivering reliable ocean transportation services to the customer’s upstream supply chain.”  

The Futong project aims to bring a new solution for the consumers to strengthen the supply chain. The project holds a lot of potentials and is vital for the growth of the industry.