APL introduces AW4 service offering extended coverage via Colon

As part of APL’s continuing efforts to enhance service connectivity, they have introduced the China AW Loop 4 (AW4) service to the Latin America market. AW4 will offer extended market coverage from the U.S. East Coast to Central America, and from Central America to Asia via Colon.

Port Rotation: Savannah – Charleston – Boston – New York – Colon – Qingdao – Ningbo – Shanghai – Busan

China AW Loop 4 (AW4) Service

Effective Voyages:

  • Southbound: EVER LINKING (0VC4KW1PL), Savannah ETA 8 November 2019
  • Westbound: EVER LIBERAL (0VC44W1PL), Colon ETA 27 September 2019

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For assistance, please contact your local APL representative.

Source: APL