Savannah Port Dredging Activity Results in Cargo Delays

The port of Savannah in Georgia is facing delays in cargo shipments for the last two days due to the ongoing dredging activity to make the berths deeper. The project is planned to deepen a 32-mile stretch of the Savannah River amidst the Atlantic Ocean to accommodate larger vessels in Asia and Europe. Even though the Savannah Port Project is on the verge of completion, the dredging activity time isn’t ideal. It results in increasing port traffic due to shipment delays.   

Reportedly the Savannah Port is ready to handle more than 5 million TEUs by the end of June 30 and further ideates to cover the target capacity to hold 9 TEUs by the year 2030. The harbor deepening project started in 2015 and has been of colossal significance after introducing next-generation vessels larger than before.