The container ship MAERSK ESSEN was badly impacted due to rough weather on 16th of January 2021, while sailing from Xiamen, China, to Los Angeles, USA. It was carrying goods for both carriers, MSC & MAERSK.

Following the incident, the vessel had to be rerouted to Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico and berthed on 30th of January for the discharge of damaged containers and repair work.

According to MSC, Maersk has informed them that about 750 containers were lost overboard, including those of both Maersk and MSC of which it has been determined that 350 MSC containers were lost and 79 were damaged.

It is expected that the MAERSK ESSEN will leave on or around 16th of February and arrive at the original destination at LA-Long Beach anchorage by the 19th of February. The current expectation is that the vessel will berth on 1st of March at the APM Terminals Pier 400, Los Angeles.