Fremantle Harbour Workers to Strike for the next 24 hours

The Fremantle port workers have decided to strike for the next 24 hours to legally protect the industrial operations from 10 a.m beginning from the 25th June. This Strike aims to prevent the vessels from docking at the Patrick and DP container terminals.

The community supporters will be joining the port workers on Strike outside the Fremantle Port’s office. Talking further about it further, Jeff Cassar quoted,   

“Workers at the Kwinana Bulk Terminal have been suffering serious financial hardship due to Fremantle Ports’ decision to stand down all workers any time a workgroup undertakes lawful industrial action, essentially shutting the terminal for five hours a day.”  

The workers are using their legal rights to negotiate with the new enterprise’s agreement that influences the industry standards. Reportedly, the Fremantle Port has an aggressive reaction towards the workers on Strike, resulting in subsequent port delays.