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Demurrage & Detention


Rollover Data

Time-of-Arrival Predictions and Warnings

22 Feb

Logistics Business Virtual Exhibition

Logistics Business is staging an international, virtual exhibition for the logistics and materials handling industry in 2021 (Feb 22nd to 25th).

25 Feb

Ocean Insights Webinar at LogiChem

A Visibility Injection for your Supply Chain Needs – an introduction to visibility data integration

25 Feb


TPM is the must-attend conference for the trans-Pacific and global container shipping and logistics community from February 25th to March 3d.

03 Mar


Explore the latest digital solutions and experience the myriad ways they can be used to plan and control logistical processes – at the Digital Supply Chain Forum, presented by Siemens Digital Logistics. The industry meetup of leading supply chain experts from IT and logistics is taking place on March 3, 2021.

Demurrage & Detention

January 1st to March 31st


All you need to know about Demurrage and Detention

The clearance and delivery of sea freight shipments may be delayed due to various reasons. These delays result in containers sitting in the port or at the terminal or with the customer for a number of days depending on the type of delays. 

These delays easily translate into unexpected and additional costs such as Demurrage and Detention. 

Find out everything you need to know about Demurrage and Detention.

How to manage demurrage and detention effectively

Demurrage and detention are very expensive charges confronting customers in a normal shipment process even though these are not standard charges they are applicable to every shipment. 

Customers can save thousands of dollars once they understand the real impact these charges can have on their businesses and their significance on the global supply chain.

Learn how to manage demurrage and detention costs effectively using the concept of Free Time Optimization.


Get in touch with us.

We are always interested in hearing the market perspectives on these very important charges and how it affects you. This will help us understand more about the issues facing the market and help us identify solutions that will help you avoid costly scenarios.

Let us learn from each other. Get in touch with us and benefit from a great network of experts, workshops, newsletters, data, and much more.


Rollover Data

until February 28th


August / September 2020

Container transshipment ports see heavy September cargo rollovers, reveals latest Ocean Insights data

November / December 2020

The bull run is wreaking havoc with cargo delays in major ports

January 2020 / January 2021

Ocean Insights’ Report Warns of More Supply Chain Delays

Be the first to know the status of container rollovers in the major world ports.

Our world leading data capabilities allow us to produce container rollover data and information that will give you a concise view of which ports and carriers have the best and worst records in terms of container rollovers.

Since 2020 these reports have been published in over 144 articles/month worldwide with a potential volume of 800 million readers every month.

Sign up to get a pre-release of this data without embargo wherever in the world you are.

Hello Japan

until February 28th

Japan and Germany

Given their geographical locations and economies, Japan and Germany are two of the most important countries in Asia and Europe. Both are renowned for their structured business approach, so, understandably, more and more big brands from Japan are using our technology. 

If you are from Japan, we invite you to get in touch with us to learn about the benefits of our software has been delivering to them.


Container Track and Trace. Brand new Brochure in Japanese

To make it easier for our current and potential customers in Japan, we have created our Container Track and Trace brochure in Japanese. Feel free to download the same and reap the benefits.

Time-Of-Arrival Predictions and Warnings

January 1st until March 31st


Get a real-time view of the possible delays facing your shipments

We have a three-level risk score which provides you with real-time information. It will help you optimize your supply chain and inventory.

Whether the situation is considered a severe warning or low risk or all fine, get it here first.