Stop searching, start finding.

Global shipment data is growing exponentially. There are over 5 million sailing schedule changes every day. So, how can you keep track of all these changes?

Ocean Insights Container Sailing Schedules enables you to get full market transparency for operational and strategic supply chain management decisions.

We provide the world’s most accurate and complete data on all shipping lines and services.

Benefit from Better Data

Your Benefit: Up-to-date data

Stay up to date
on the most recent global service offerings: accessible via web app, API or for integration into your in-house TMS.

Your Benefit: Data quality

Quality you can rely on
through continual monitoring and dedicated data analysis.

Increase Efficiency
and become independent by integrating data into your in-house TMS.

Save Costs
by reducing manual research time and finding best options.

Save Research Time
thanks to normalized, global schedule data across all major carriers in one consolidated service.

Make informed decisions
for allocation management thanks to unparalleled market transparency.

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Millions of P2P connections

Container Sailing Schedules Web App

Whether you would like to find the most appropriate service from point A to B, or get more insight into the schedule performance of different service operators and vessel slot sharers, you now have access to all our tools in one remarkable web application.


Data Service

Ocean Insights’ Sailing Schedule Data is also available via automated data feeds and a powerful Web API Service, which can be integrated into any Transportation Management System such as SAP TMS.

Enhance the cost-effectivness of your staff’s workflow

Reduce manual efforts, minimize input errors and increase efficiency

Increase your productivity while reducing operational costs

Improve the overall quality of your current sailing schedules

“Ocean Insights’ Container Sailing Schedule service offers over 96% of the world’s sailing routes and schedules in one consolidated service package, curated and quality-assured. The coverage of slot sharing, transshipments and feeder services finally gives shipping professionals the essential market transparency that pushes operations planning and saves cost.”
Felix Richter, CEO/CTO