OI-CTT: Making day-to-day work easy for the TIBA Group

In 2017, Ocean Insights entered the Spanish market as an unknown provider of container visibility and exception management software. How would the Spanish shipping and logistics industries react? Would Ocean Insights’ strategic decision to develop its presence in southern Europe and then Latin America work out? A year on, the positive response has underlined how much companies appreciate and benefit from Ocean Insights’ software and service.

More accurate container tracking data has never been so reliable and easily available than with Ocean Insights’ tracking applications. That is what Spanish shippers and freight forwarders are now discovering. Yet a successful first year in Spain was never a foregone conclusion, as the
Spanish economy was still recovering from the severe economic crisis that struck the country in 2008-2009.

Quantum leap in container tracking

Determined to understand the expectations and needs of its potential customers, Ocean Insights went into Spain with two crucial arguments: software that brings a huge return on investment, and the numerous optimisation potentials within a company. Even the leading lights in shipping and freight forwarding were still using Excel tables to track container data. Yet the added value of such data is limited, as the quality of the reports is low and the data neither dynamic nor up-to-date. Ocean Insights software offers a quantum leap in accuracy, reliability and real-time data availability.

Supply chain visibility

Supply chain visibility is the key issue – and greatly in demand. Ocean Insights gives decision-makers a powerful and dynamic visibility tool that measures information about delays, demurrage and detention cases as well as the performance of logistics service providers, and automatically generates reports on all this. Moreover, Ocean Insights can deliver software as a web application or API to any customer within 24 hours, with no time-consuming integration or maintenance required.

40% increase in data quality

Tiba, a Spanish freight forwarder, custom broker and logistics provider, is one of the companies that has profited from Ocean Insights’ container tracking software, as Manuel Boggiero explains: “Supply chains are being forced to become increasingly efficient and provide real-time information. Whereas information from shipping companies is disseminated and not always reliable, Ocean Insights provides us with a robust platform that aggregates data from various sources  with much greater reliability.

Tiba uses the API to integrate the data into its system and generate alerts for customers and staff. As a result of introducing the Ocean Insights solution, Tiba has enjoyed a 40% increase in data quality.This means fewer incidents and, above all, anticipating complications that can arise from delays,” Manuel adds. “It allows us to stop being reactive and start being proactive.” Moreover, staff at Tiba no longer need to spend their time tracking containers but can focus on other activities that bring their customers added value. Manuel has also been impressed by the quality of service: “Great facilitation, quick and effective responses and good technical guides have made the integration process very easy.

New era dawning

We are satisfied with the outcomes of our first year in Spain and proud to be part of the tracking data digitisation process in Spain,” says Floriane Crickx, Ocean Insights’ Regional Sales Director. “But we know that a lot remains to be done.” The new container tracking era Ocean Insights software makes possible is now dawning in Spain, and Spanish shippers, freight forwarders, custom brokers and logistics providers have given it a positive welcome.