Stay informed on every ETA change

The Journal of Commerce surveyed the Shipping Community and identified 4 major visibility pain points the industry is facing.
Last week we already discussed: „Losing visibility of cargo at various stages along the supply chain, including when cargo is rolled“, and illustrated how our Container Track & Trace service can solve this challenge.

Today, we want to address the necessity of a continuously updated ETA as events are unfolding throughout the supply chain, to predict the impact to the final ETA:

To actually identify a schedule change, including a changed ETA date, you first must know the exact routing information and planned date for all milestones on a container’s journey. This is collected for you by Ocean Insights – across all carriers and independent from your booking channels or freight forwarders.

But Ocean Insights does not only capture and log the original schedule as communicated by the carrier, it also allows you to add your own contracted ETA dates for each shipment. Over the course of a container’s journey, these initial planning dates are then constantly benchmarked against the newest schedule data of the carrier, as well as the ETA dates communicated by the vessel that is carrying the container. Any variances are highlighted, and changes of the vessel’s ETA as well as the carrier’s planning dates are alerted and logged immediately.

Different real-time exception screens, analysis dashboards and a daily email report provide you with quick insight into all shipments with an ETA change and allow you to identify containers that may need special attention.

ETA changes of active containers

In addition to the real-time alerts on ETA changes for operational aspects, Ocean Insights also provides you with long-term statistics on average ETA-adjustments by carrier and destination, and analyzes the lead-times and on-time-performance of your shipments by carriers and trade lanes, thus allowing you to evaluate and improve performance in your entire supply chain.

Ocean Insights leads the industry in data science. If the most precise and timely alert to ETA changes is important to your company, then consider Ocean Insights for your container tracking.
Contact us for a complete demonstration and the opportunity to trial the Ocean Insights Container Track and Trace solution, or make a personal appointment with us at the TPM Long Beach. And, be sure to catch us at the TPM 2018 Tech Innovation Jam on Tuesday, March 6 at 2PM, when we will be demonstrating how to achieve realtime freight visibility at any point in the supply chain!