Redefining Visibility in Ocean Transport, Ocean Insights Sponsors the 2020 FreightTech Global Trade Tech Virtual Conference

Ocean Insights realizes a simple problem that still exists in achieving full digital transformation within ocean freight operations. In its primary sense, visibility is the state of seeing or being seen throughout the transport journey.

Companies have found an increasing problem where containerization and intermodalization created trouble tracking the whereabouts of a container on the ship. 

Since containers may carry multiple cargo types, this also led to an increased risk of damage and potential for shipment interactions. 

With that in mind, Ocean Insights’ has tackled the problem with its innovations surrounding a Container Track and Trace module and Container Sailing Scheduling platform. Yet the overarching goal is the full digital transformation of shipping that contributing to Ocean Insights’ decision to sponsor the FreightTech Global Trade Tech Conference for 2020. 

Ocean Insights’ Container Track & Trace Provides Real-Time Ocean Operations’ Visibility

Ocean Insights’ Track & Trace platform (CTT) caters to all freight management parties. With integration into existing TMS and visibility platforms, it makes it easy to see the insights alongside your execution systems. Searching and tracking containers across hundreds of carriers’ websites become a logistics nightmare. It’s simply cost-prohibitive.

However, presenting sponsorship at the Global Trade Tech Conference perfectly highlights its inside view that integrates more than 45 shipping lines, 700 ports, and more than 5,000 vessels. The module uses the Master Bill of Lading or Booking number to allow a user to access real-time data and review its various stages. This is especially helpful in making next-step decisions for drayage and preventing the buildup demurrage charges due to poor planning. A glimpse of this functionality is shown below:

our software at the global trade tech

The module further streamlines ocean operations by providing exceptions and event notifications that keep customers alert and informed of when possible delays or issues occur. The module uses that data to extrapolate extra value by showing the overall percentage of shipments affected across all carriers, specific lanes, and specific carriers. Thus, it becomes a performance measurement resource that users can apply to make a better booking or tendering decisions in the future. As explained by William B. Cassidy of

“Shippers, brokers, and carriers need greater visibility when it comes to their logistics partners and customers to more clearly and accurately assess and mitigate risk.”

As an example, the below image shows the exception status by number of containers that are displayed to users:

global trade tech with ocean insights

Increasing access to one issue, such as rollovers at the port of loading or transshipment ports, can be vastly influential in making decisions to better plan inventory management and avoid out of stocks due to delayed freight at sea—core functions that are of great interest to Global Trade Tech. In addition, the module offers these additional real-time views of ocean freight:

  1. Port of Loading – Turnaround Times
  2. Port of Loading – ETD changes
  3. Port of Discharge – Upcoming Arrivals new
  4. Port of Discharge – Approach
  5. Port of Discharge – Demurrage/Detention
  6. Last Inland Facility
  7. Volume
  8. Performance
  9. Lead Times

Ocean Insights’ Further Improves Scheduling With Container Sailing Schedules

Another distinction in gaining more insight into ocean operations lies within Ocean Insights’ Container Sailing Schedules. Ocean Insight aggregates and curates data from across 96% of the world’s sailing routes and effectively gives users the ability to search port-to-port schedules, vessels, and more. In turn, this dramatically reduces the struggle in figuring out which lanes are impacted by blank sailings and which carriers offer the most efficient routes. This is of extreme importance as 42% of shippers now want to rethink their strategies in the wake of COVID-19. 

Sailing schedule data directly from carriers is notoriously incomplete and many times downright contradictive. This is where Ocean Insights comes in. A dedicated quality assurance team constantly monitors and curates the schedule data. Through research and cross-referencing other data sets, Ocean Insights is able to fill a majority of the data-gaps and errors that most other sailing schedule providers deliver. That’s why Ocean Insights’ sailing schedule data service is trusted by many top freight forwarders, TMS and ERP systems.  

For web app users, it’s the ability to unify this sailing schedule data into a single dashboard that shows data from across carriers, lanes, alliances, etc. It’s a single pane of glass solution to the age-old problem—something Global Trade Tech prioritizes—saving resources and doing more with less using automation and informed freight management. Depending on how a user wishes to drill down into the data, the dashboard further provides multi-view options to see a summary and detailed information. 

global trade tech with software from ocean insights
global trade tech with software from ocean insights

Attend Global Trade Tech and See How Industry-Innovators Like Ocean Insights Are Changing the Game

Above all else, the platform caters to all users, regardless of size. BCOs realize benefits in the form of more effective scheduling, forwarders see benefits in the form of more bookings, and end-user customers see benefits of on-time arrivals and fewer demurrage drayage-related fees. Ocean Insights tracks 6.5% of all global shipments annually, which adds up to a stunning 1.5 million TEUs. Those who are not yet using the platform are leaving money on the table and limiting their ability to manage ocean operations. As a thought leader in this space, Ocean Insights is sponsoring Global Trade Tech to bring more companies and grow the industry goal of fully realizing digital transformation. Connect with Ocean Insights’ online, submit your queries, and get ready to learn for yourself just how efficient ocean container tracking can be.