Santa’s long ride from Lapland, Finland to the USA

You better watch out… Christmas is around the corner! So let’s have a glimpse of the long journey of Santa Claus and his little helpers today:

The mysterious Korvatunturi (in Lapland, Finland) is known as the original home of Santa Claus. Since the exact location is still a secret – only a few chosen people have knowledge of it – Santa decided to establish an office in the Finnish Lapland capital, Rovaniemi, in 1985. Since 2010 it is “the Official Hometown of Santa Claus”.

Like every year, Santa receives millions of Christmas gift lists from kids around the world. Most of their Christmas toys are manufactured by Santa in China, around July and August each year, from where they need to be transported to the different destination countries.

In the USA alone, Santa Claus will have to distribute 30 million packages! To make sure that these toys will be well prepared for transport, Santa subcontracts international shipping companies with high-end expertise that handle the long ocean transport from China to the US for him. Nevertheless, Santa will be held responsible for any toy that does not reach the US on time.

Santas long Ride But even Santa Claus cannot keep an eye on 30 million presents. Therefore, he counts on Ocean Insights’ outstanding Container Track and Trace service, where he can check the schedule, real-time status and progress of all his packages, across all carriers, in a single application. And what is best: He will be alerted immediately in case of schedule changes or exceptional events that may cause a package to arrive later than originally planned. This allows Santa to react to delays in time and to spend more time on bringing his reindeers into peak form.

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But first let’s continue with Santa’s journey: With the help of transportation companies who are shipping the packages in containers from different ports in China to the US, Santa is able to complete his mission.

A very famous port in China is the Port of Shanghai (one of the largest ports in the world with a total of 3.63M TEUs in 2013). The most important US ports that will welcome containers shipped from Shanghai are:

  • West Coast: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle-Tacoma
  • East Coast: New York & New Jersey, Savannah
  • Gulf Coast: Houston, Miami

The ocean transport to the West Coast takes about 13-15 days, to the East Coast it is generally 23-25 days.

After discharge and successful pass through customs control, the packages will travel to the different storage areas by truck or by train – while still being closely monitored by Ocean Insights – where Santa and his Reindeers are already waiting to deliver all parcels right under every Christmas Tree.

According to government data from Lapland, Santa Claus will have traveled about 316,899,308 miles after he finished the delivery of all Christmas presents.