Freight visibility challenges solved – with Ocean Insights Container Tracking Service

Cargo owners worldwide are facing similar problems in respect of their ocean container supply chain. The worst pain points were recently identified through a survey conducted by the Journal of Commerce. Eight companies were invited to present their solutions for these challenges at the Technology Innovation Jam at the 18th TPM annual conference – and we are happy that Ocean Insights is among them!

Robin Jaacks will present Ocean Insights’ solution to achieve “realtime visibility at any point in the supply chain“. So, make sure to catch us at the Tech Innovation Jam on Tuesday, March 6 at 2:00 PM!

But realtime visibility is not the only challenge of the shipping community. Another pressing topic is losing visibility of cargo at various stages along the supply chain, including when cargo is rolled.

As a shipper, the question is “how can I find out that my cargo has rolled?” And Ocean Insights has the answer:
The original routing and schedule information for your cargo is captured and then constantly compared against the real-time progress of your containers. In case of any discrepancy between the original plans and actual status, or if the further routing of a shipment is changed, corresponding alerts will be pushed to you immediately.

This also includes situations where vessels are replaced throughout the journey. Any vessel change is highlighted and complete information and position data for the replacement vessel is provided. With this powerful insight into the variance from the original carrier commitment, shippers can quickly and easily see when their cargo has been rolled.

Freight visibility challenge s solved

Feel free to contact us for a complete demonstration and the opportunity to trial the Ocean Insights Container Track and Trace solution!

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