Answering the Age Old Shipping Question: “Where’s My Box?”

Estimated Read Time: 5 minutes

If you work with Ocean Freight, you’ve probably heard this question once a day, at the very least. It is one of the most common questions in freight and it is also one of the biggest obstacles. Ocean container tracking can be a challenge for any organization, regardless of what industry. Customer expectations are constantly changing, with the demand growing towards instant data and visibility. Shippers need to know where their containers are at any given time in order to better serve their customers and manage their supply chains, a process that grows more complex by the day.

For shippers, understanding the implications of the question is just as important as being able to answer it. So, while the next box is being loaded up for shipment, let’s take a moment to unpack the age old question of “Where is my box?”.

Understand How the “Amazon Effect” is Affecting Your Business

While this clever catch phrase has become commonplace in the logistical lexicon, there’s a very important concept that is independent of the e-commerce giant. Customer expectations are growing. Amazon has changed the game for shippers just as they have for ordering household goods and supplies. Amazon prides itself on it’s speedy deliveries, offering two, next, or even same day deliveries (depending on location) for it’s Prime membership subscribers. 

The issue is, that expectation has bled over into the corporate world, leaving shippers scrambling to find ways to expedite the shipping process and move goods from one side of the globe to another in the most efficient way possible. As Amazon continues to flex its logistics muscles, shippers will have to do the same if they want to keep pace. 

Customer Satisfaction is the Differentiator 

When shipping ocean freight, tracking capabilities means better customer service. But why is that so important? When we consider the amount of companies that offer a similar product or service (factoring in that new companies and start-ups are entering the fray all the time) it becomes harder and harder to stand out from the competition. This is why the highest levels of customer satisfaction are vital. That reputation is one of the few means an organization can make themselves truly stand apart from the competition.

Not only does that reputation set them apart, but it also makes it easier to land new (and lucrative) opportunities with new customers, netting a better control of the market share. 

Visibility is Everything in the World of Logistics

Ocean container tracking capabilities means so much more than telling a customer where their box is. Knowing where your company’s shipments are at any given time gives you an unparalleled insight into your supply chain and your operations. This level of visibility is a means of identifying inefficiencies in supply chain operations as well as understanding what it will take to correct them.

End-to-end supply chain visibility and actionable data are crucial to running a successful business. Everyday supply chains are becoming decidedly more complex. With so many moving parts and intricacies, any one of which can be easily overlooked, many organizations are leaving money on the table when it comes to moving their freight whether it be in the form of missed opportunities, overpaying for freight, or getting slapped with avoidable surcharges on their freight. This leads directly to the next point, visibility generated by ocean container tracking can help control operational costs. 

Controlling Costs Through Freight Tracking

If nothing else, this is perhaps one of the biggest advantages to building visibility into the supply chain. Many organizations live or die due to freight costs, especially in the turbulent times we’re experiencing now with an ever present capacity crunch and pervasive pandemic restrictions throttling what space is available.

One of the most direct costs shippers can control is the fines and penalties generated from detention and demurrage charges. D and D charges are a painful reality of shipping ocean freight, capable of quickly destroying the annual freight budget. However, what most shippers don’t realize is that, with the right ocean container tracking system in place, these charges are almost completely avoidable. Even if an organization were simply to cut out their detention and demurrage charges, the return on investment generated by incorporating a freight visibility system means that it pays for itself, and quickly.    

How Ocean Insights Can Help

There are a myriad of options when it comes to choosing an Ocean Freight Tracking System (OFTS) available and in the quickly growing world of logistics technology, more are being added to the menu. With the amount of options available, choosing the right track and trace system for your company becomes a murky prospect at best, and an overwhelming prospect the rest of the time.

At Ocean Insights, we believe the process should be simple. Everything from an easy to use interface, to a dashboard that shows you exactly where your containers are, with little more than a click. We’ve developed our system to help you track your shipments quickly and simply, set custom alerts to notify you when your containers are running the risk of detention and demurrage fees, and answer the question every customer is asking: “Where’s my box?”