UAFL: Zanzibar gets direct call on the Middle East Express (MEX)

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Dec 17, 2018

Author: Santosh

In an effort to continue to meet the demands of the market and the requirements of clients, United Africa Feeder Line [UAFL] has announced that they are recommencing their direct service – Middle East Express (MEX) – into Zanzibar. In so doing they will be by-passing the delays and problems associated with the transshipment in East Africa – which is the current service setup. 

Effective 27 January 2019, UAFL will run 3 vessels out of Karachi and Jebel Ali into Zanzibar with the following port rotation: 
Karachi – Jebel Ali – Port Victoria – Mombasa – Zanzibar – Comoros – Karachi

Zanzibar - MEX

All cargo originating ex India, Asia, Europe and other Gulf regions, will continue to be routed via Jebel Ali but with an improved transit time compared to today.

Source: UAFL

Image (Map) Source: Ocean Insights

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