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Expertise in ocean freight

In ocean freight, getting all the dots connected is not easy as data are not comparable, if available at all. Ocean Insights consolidates and evaluates data from multiple sources to help logistics teams all around the globe to stay on top of things, whether for day-to-day operations or for strategic decisions.

Who we are

Our mission

At Ocean Insights, we support your day-to-day operations and strategic decisions. With best-in-class software and our growing team of experts, we make supply chain data visible and actionable.

Data consolidation

We aggregate and consolidate data from multiple sources, making it accessible, comparable and actionable for you.


Presenting unbiased, objective and accountable market intelligence is our greatest asset.

Real-time vessel tracking

Through satellite vessel tracking we constantly keep an eye on the entire world’s merchant fleet. We take this as a benchmark, monitor for changes in trading patterns and communicate delay warnings before things go wrong.

The human factor

Our expert team of data analysts constantly monitors and quality-assures the upstream data, providing you with information you can really rely on.

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Who we are

Ocean Insights was founded in Hong Kong in 2012. With offices in India and Germany, the Ocean Insights team is today operating on a global scale, providing data and intelligence for the logistics industry to improve visibility and transparency in ocean freight.

For the first time ever, we combine container liner schedules and carriers’ container tracking information with neutral AIS vessel tracking data, allowing our customers to plan and monitor operations on a level never experienced before.

With a strong IT focus and an expert team of data analysts, we take pride in supporting our customers and showing the guiding thread in a field where data is often hardly available and even less often comparable.

Our team is constantly working on new approaches and innovative solutions that will make your day-to-day operations easier and give you knowledge and tools to let you be a step ahead. And we’re growing!

Our vision

Become the global leader in the consolidation and evaluation of ocean freight data to solve your most demanding supply chain challenges.