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Find out why the world’s premier shippers and 3PLs trust Ocean Insight’s advanced ocean freight visibility data.

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What we do

Do you need reliable ocean freight data and accurate predictions you can trust? Predictive supply chain visibility at sea is what we specialize in. Because we consolidate and evaluate ocean freight information for the logistics industry, you can rely on our predictive data and profit from our predictions.

With big data technologies and our expert team of data analysts, we support your day-to-day operations as well as your strategic decisions – with predictive ETA, track & trace data, real-time container visibility, and much more.
In a field where data is often unavailable and rarely comparable, our expertise will show you the guiding thread. To better your business trust us for reliable ocean freight data and accurate predictions.

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Lower your costs now

Our smart and reliable data will improve your supply chain visibility and make your logistics more efficient by

Improving Inventory optimization

Improving customer satisfaction

Lowering detention & demurrage fees

Leveraging data for your carrier contract negotiations

Companies entrusting our products
Leading companies from a wide variety of industries rely on our products to improve their supply chain visibility and enhance the efficiency of their logistics through reliable container track & trace data they can trust.
Container Track & Trace

Container Track & Trace

Our innovative container tracking service gives you effortless visibility on all your shipments and across all carriers. By connecting carrier information with actual vessel whereabouts, we provide real-time information you can trust. Reliable supply chain data and accurate ETA predictions put you one step ahead.

You can have confidence our consolidated overviews, actionable details and reliable statistics – data that will sustainably enhance your efficiency.

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Container Sailing Schedules

Our Container Sailing Schedules service gives you more than 96% of the world’s shipping routes and sailing schedules in just one consolidated service package. As it is reliably curated and quality-assured by our expert team of data analysts, you can trust our data.

Our coverage of slot sharing, transshipments and feeder services gives you the necessary market transparency that pushes operations planning and saves costs.

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Container Sailing Schedules

Benefit from our reliable data

You can only take smart decisions if you have solid data. We supply that data so you benefit, e.g. through improved supply chain visibility and greater transparency in your container logistics.

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